Optimize Your PTO Policy with Treehoppr

Explore the only PTO platform designed to improve employee well-being through vacation and drastically reduce financial liabilities tied to PTO.

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Built for HR Teams

Empower your team to monitor and prevent employee burnout and manage vacation policies more effectively.

Burnout Alerts

Get alerts when employees have not taken vacation and automate outreach to their managers.

Travel Stipends on Auto-Pilot

Grant travel bonuses for birthdays, work anniversaries, and more in "set it and forget it" fashion.

Social Networking

Build retention through community by pairing up team members who share similar travel interests.

Loved by Employees

Give your employees access to powerful travel planning and booking tools and help them get more out of PTO.

Destination Discovery

Employees can filter locations by interests and keywords, calculate trip costs, and uncover hidden gems to add to their bucket lists.

Savings Plans

Each employee gets a dedicated travel fund, allowing them to incrementally set aside money for future trips.

Travel Tips

Employees can sort co-workers by travel history, reach out, and gain valuable insights for any upcoming trips.

Every PTO day unused represents, on average, a $332 liability for your company. Looking for new ways to encourage employee PTO usage?

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