Introducing Travel Benefits for Employees

Meet the platform designed to improve employee well-being through vacation and drastically reduce costs and overhead related to PTO.

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How It Works


Companies Sign Up

Companies choose to offer travel benefits to employees. Treehoppr platform is unlocked and employees receive invitations to join.


P.T.O. Dollars Saved

Employees set a portion of each paycheck aside for travel and company matches or contributes. Money is saved in a personal Treehoppr account for future trips.


Itineraries Planned

Employees get travel tips from colleagues, discover new destinations, calculate trip costs, and work with travel agents to book trips - all within the platform.


Trips Taken

Bon Voyage! Employees relax on well-deserved vacations. Companies revel in increased productivity and engagement from employees upon return.

Built for Employees

Give your employees access to powerful travel planning and booking tools and embrace their passion for adventure.

Destination Discovery

Filter locations by interests and keywords, calculate trip costs, and uncover hidden gems to add to your bucket list.

Savings Plans

Add money to a personal travel fund and enjoy 0% international fees and 1% cashback through your Treehoppr P.T.O. card.

Social Networking

Connect with co-workers on shared travel interests, exchange tips, and compete for the office title of "most well-traveled."


Loved by HR Teams

Empower your HR team to monitor and prevent employee burnout and manage vacation policies more effectively.

Travel Stipends on Auto-Pilot

Grant travel bonuses for birthdays, work anniversaries, and more in "set it and forget it" fashion.

Burnout Alerts

Get alerts when employees have not taken vacation and automate outreach to their managers.

Capture Company Culture

Leverage travel photos within the platform for branding material and recruitment initiatives.

65% of incoming professionals say that regular travel is an important part of their lives.

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