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Tired of the bulky, old systems of yesteryear? Discover a streamlined approach to HR with our brilliant Slack bot brigade! Perfect for scaling startups and fast-paced cultures.


Install and set up our apps in 30 minutes or less. No engineering resources required.


Stop paying hidden fees or enterprise rates. Finally, HR tools that won't break the bank.

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Your team loves Slack, so why send them anywhere else? Our tools have 97% adoption within the first week.

PTO Ninja

Manage time off directly in Slack! Perfect for startups or companies with unlimited PTO - track, request, approve, and analyze employee PTO usage without ever leaving Slack.

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Stop waiting for your company to purchase PTO Ninja! Try one of our most popular features, the AutoResponder, for free. Set up a quick and easy away message in Slack and limit the noise when you're OOO.

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Ditch the annual and quarterly review cycles for continuous feedback from employees and managers. Check-ins with Rosia make it easy to monitor employee performance, health, and engagement in real-time.

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Our partners are listed up and down the Inc. 5000

Christopher Wolfel Board of Directors - IDEA

I've known the Treehoppr team for about a year and have been amazed with their passion and dedication to helping teams get more out of work and maintain peak performance.

Whitney Sales General Partner - Acceleprise Ventures

HR tech insists on building bulky, standalone platforms that employees loathe and never log into. By building tools in Slack, Treehoppr is meeting employees where they prefer to be.

Lyle Stevens Co-Founder & CEO - Mavrck

Treehoppr helps us compete with larger companies when it comes to talent, and allows our managers to monitor, encourage and reward the members of our squad with what they want most: work-life balance.

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