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People First

Our mission is to help people get more out of work. We strive to "help people" and in order to do that, we must always emphasize our people-first culture where wellness, collaboration and empathy take precedence.


We're a bunch of techies and nerds at heart. So we decided to found our company in the heart of Silicon Valley, where all good nerds go to gather. Walk around the office and you'll see everything from old gaming consoles to suits of armor.


The one characteristic we stress to our team and incoming candidates is openness. In order to be successful, you must be confident in your ideas, but also open to feedback from others and always willing to have constructive discussions.

Available positions

We are a young company based in Silicon Valley, looking for talented and passionate people to join us in our mission.


Front End Developer

San Francisco, CA

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Lead UX Designer & Brand Strategist

San Francisco, CA

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Sales & Operations

Customer Success Manager

San Francisco, CA

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Business Development (Intern)

San Francisco, CA

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