Manage PTO Directly in Slack

Perfect for startups or companies with unlimited PTO. Track, request, approve, and analyze employee PTO usage without ever leaving Slack.

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Moves PTO requests and approvals to your central place of work.

Nobody likes signing in to other platforms to deal with time off requests. PTO Ninja allows employees and managers to coordinate time off seamlessly with intuitive Slack commands.

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Automatically monitors PTO balances and takes action.

PTO Ninja inspects time off history for signs of burnout. When employees have not taken enough vacation (or have taken too much), PTO Ninja notifies managers and employees automatically.

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Helps teams align before time away.

PTO Ninja reminds employees of their upcoming PTO and helps them assign roles and tasks for co-workers, giving all parties involved greater alignment and peace of mind.

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Easily integrates with HRIS

Already have PTO tracking in place? No problem. PTO Ninja can communicate with most HRIS.

“As a growing startup, it's always been hard to dedicate resources to making sure people take enough time off. PTO Ninja has been the perfect tool for us.”

Ben Taylor

CEO — Softledger

“Having the ability to easily share at a glance who is covering what aspects of their work while they are away can allow employees to take time without constant worry. We are constantly working in Slack, and having this information within our usual workflows is perfect. ”

Nalani Genser

People Ops & Experience Lead — Mavrck

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