Continuous Performance Management in Slack

Looking for a lightweight tool to manage performance? Check-ins with Rosia make it easy to monitor employee performance, health, and engagement in real-time.

A lightweight approach.

A performance review should not necessitate hours of input. Check-ins with Rosia take less than a minute, and only occur at times when feedback is top of mind.

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Feedback when you want it.

Have certain events trigger a review, like the completion of a task in Trello, JIRA, or Asana, or the conclusion of a day or week.

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Data teams can act on.

No more waiting for annual or quarterly reviews to understand areas for improvement. Rosia gives employees a real-time snapshot of performance so they can make course corrections earlier.

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Syncs with most HRIS

Rosia integrates with the systems you know and love, so your team can stay right in Slack!

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